Prettify your party-silverware wraps

Prettify your party will be a series of blogs to show ways to make your parties look like a professional party planner was involved…without the large price tag.  First I’ll start off easy with silverware wraps.

A few years back, I was setting up for my son’s birthday party and I couldn’t figure out how to store the silverware for our guests.  And then it hit me!  After working in the restaurant industry for over a decade, I knew exactly how to!  If you’ve ever been a server, you know how to do this but if not, I am going to show you how.

First thing you do is lay the silverware on one point of the napkin knife, fork then spoon.


Then fold the left side of the napkin over the silverware tight.


Pull the bottom point up over the first fold and hold it tight.


Then fold over the right side of the napkin and tuck it under and around the silverware.


Take some washi tape in coordinating colors and attach it to the point folded over and tape it around the silverware to hold it in place.  I typically use two napkins for each silverware wrap when I use washi tape in case it tears the napkin.  You don’t have to use washi tape. You can use card stock or ribbon.


And there you have it.  Simple but pretty!



You can display your silverware wraps in hundreds of ways.  Here are a few from my past parties.


Or if you don’t want to wrap the silverware, you can display them loose in a basket, mason jars, etc.


Now go prettify your party!



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