Finding Dory!

Thanks to AMC and their sensory friendly movie event, we went to see the first movie together as a family! My daughter adored Finding Dory. They turned the lights up a little bit and the sound down. The staff was there when the movie started and asked every family if they were okay with the lighting and sound. Now that is great customer service! She sat through the entire first half of the movie thanks to the powered reclining seat and her favorite blanket. It was like being at home. The second half of the movie she jumped up and down and walked around laughing and showing how much she loved “the fish.” All the children were adorable and it was okay that they weren’t perfectly behaved. It was so refreshing that even though the kids were at times loud and moving around the theater that it was okay. No dirty looks or women telling you how to handle your child. It was a relaxing and fun experience for my entire family! I highly recommend it to anyone who has a child on the autism spectrum. It is an experience I will not forget and we will be going again real soon!



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