XBOX 12th Birthday

When I asked my son what theme he wanted for his 12th birthday party this year, all he said was one word, “XBOX”! That word was like nails down a chalkboard! How in the world am I going to pull this party off? They don’t sell XBOX party supplies anywhere so I had to get creative. As long as you use images for personal use and not for sale, you can pull just about anything off the web. Thank goodness for my new best friend Adobe Illustrator cause I would not have been able to pull this one off without it. Here are some photos from his party.

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I used the XBOX remote images from the web in Adobe Illustrator to make all the signage but you can use Microsoft Word to do the same thing.  I used cheap plastic table cloths for the table and tons of balloons for the decorations. I found a great little tool to hang balloons on the wall with zero damage to the paint. Command Balloon Bunches made it easy!


I have circle punches that make my life easier in all sizes to make the cupcake toppers and cake pop tags. You can purchase icing bags and tips at Michaels or Hobby Lobby to swirl the icing on the cupcakes. It just takes a little practice. My favorite icing is Cake Boss buttercream! Here is a link to the recipe! Cake Boss Buttercream. You can make your own marshmallow fondant for your cake. Here is a link to the recipe! Marshmallow Fondant. When I’m short on time, I purchase my favorite fondant Cake Craft Rolled fondant (Amazon). I use colored Wilton candy melts for the cake pops and the chocolate covered Oreos. I ordered an XBOX remote control cookie cutter on Etsy for the sugar cookies. I have to say it was not easy decorating those sugar cookies. I definitely need more experience with decorating sugar cookies before I will be really good at it. But they tasted delicious! I measured a Hershey bar and made the Hershey bar wrappers to fit.

If you have any questions on how to make anything from the party, let me know! I will be happy to help!



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