Visual aids

Potty training was no easy task for my daughter. Because, potty training can be very difficult for non-verbal autistic children, visual aids can help! We started using sign language, but I found that pictures showing from start to finish helped. I took a picture of the potty, toilet paper, a picture flushing the lever, and a picture of hand washing. It worked and now she knows how to use the potty! But why stop there? Visual aids can be used to help a child learn multiple daily tasks.

One of my dear friends sent me a link to a great visual aid for doing chores! It’s a very simple chore chart that is easy to make and easy to understand. It is made of simple materials and hangs on the wall for the child to see. The child starts the day off with all the chores visible and when they are completed the child closes the flap and it says done on the back.

How cute is this! Here is the link for how to make it from My Name Is Snickerdoodle blog. Chore Chart

I’m off to make mine!



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