Splash Pool Therapy!

While the weather is still warm, move your child’s therapy outdoors! Many outdoor activities can be great for motivating verbal behavior. Since my daughter is non verbal, I focus on vocal imitation. For example, while my daughter is on the swing, I stand in front and prompt her to say “swing me please.” Once she provides the correct words, she gets a few pushes on the swing. Another great motivator is bubbles. This gains my daughter’s attention and is easy to control. I hold up the wand to my mouth and have her request “blow bubbles, please.” I only have to do it once and it is “blow bubbles, please” until I am out of breath!

My daugther’s early interventionist hosts an outdoor event once a month for all her clients. Sadly, we haven’t attended almost all of them because of my daughter’s therapy hours. But I decided to take a leap and invited her line therapist (ABA therapy) to join us. Who says therapy can’t be fun? Our most recent outdoor therapy adventure was to the splash pool. It was fun for all! Not only was it a chance for social interaction with my daughter’s peers, but also a chance to learn about all the fun things water can offer.

“Water, dump, splash, ball, bucket, cup” were simple words that were music to my ears. We played with balls, buckets, shovels, and a blow up monkey (her favorite). My daughter enjoyed dumping water on her therapists head more than anything! 🙂 She was such a good sport with a fantastic response. My daughter was so captivated by her environment, it was amazing how easy the words were flowing from her mouth.

There are so many learning opportunities outdoors! So move it outside and enjoy the rest of summer!



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