Sissy and I went to Chick-Fil-A for her favorite thing in the world-chicken nuggets! We sat eating our chicken nuggets next to another family with their daughter sissy’s age. The young girl was talking up a storm and asking one million questions a minute. The mom turned to her daughter and said, “please be quiet honey and eat your lunch.” Here I am fighting for one word and this mom gets more words than she can handle. Boy what I wouldn’t give to have that problem.

It broke my heart when she told her to be quiet. Not because I didn’t agree with her mom (lol) but because I want that…I want a million questions and non-stop chatter from my girl. I want Sissy to tell me she’s mad or hates me. I want her to tell me that her stomach hurts or she doesn’t like eating bananas. I want her to tell me she wants to watch the second episode of Curious George on the TV. I don’t want silence!

It is so difficult to communicate with a person who is non-verbal. People take their ability to speak for granted every day. Imagine trying to communicate what you want or how you feel without being able to talk. It gets frustrating at times trying to communicate with my daughter. Often, Sissy throws a tantrum because she wants or needs something and I am unable to figure out what it is. Talk about feeling like a failure! One day she’s going to talk without prompting and I will never EVER tell her to be quiet. I’ve had silence from her for way too long and I don’t want it!

Now go hug your chatter boxes and answer all of their one million questions.



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