Do It Yourself Halloween Cauldron

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Every year, I decorate our home for one of our favorite holidays, Halloween! Five years ago I saw a post on Pinterest for a do it yourself Halloween cauldron. I loved it so much, I enlisted Hubby’s help and we made it! It was easy and turned out great! Sadly, during our move this year, my cauldron was ruined and my hubby offered to help me make another one. Since it is so awesome, I thought I would share it with you.

Materials needed:

  • Halloween Cauldron (any size but mine is large)
  • Thin board sized slightly larger than the base of the cauldron
  • Thin board (circle) sized to fit the top of the cauldron
  • 50 count set of orange Halloween string lights (or less if you are doing a smaller cauldron)
  • 50 count set of lime green Halloween string lights (or less if you are doing a smaller cauldron)
  • Tape
  • 2 – 3) 16 oz. cans of Great Stuff Big Gap Filler spray foam (Lowes or Home Depot)
  • Black spray paint
  • Lime green spray paint
  • Large knife
  • Hot glue gun

First, tape your orange lights to the board you will use as the base for the cauldron. Start from the outside and work your way in keeping the lights inside of the board. I taped them in a circular pattern until I reach the center of the board. Repeat with the green lights. Make sure the lights work and all of the bulbs are securely in their sockets. Make sure you leave the plug for the cord outside of the spray foam. Find a safe place to spray the foam because it cannot get on any surfaces including your hands or it will never come off!!!! (I used a large black contractor bag) Spray the foam from the inside out until all the lights are covered.  Allow the foam to expand and dry (about an hour). Now the foam expands quite a bit so cover the lights and wait to see how big the foam gets before you go crazy with the foam. I added a little extra foam to the center of the green lights for the top of the cauldron. You’ll see why in the picture. Once the foam on the orange lights is dry, take a knife and trim the foam so it will be flat for the cauldron to sit on evenly. Take it outside and spray it with black spray paint lightly! You don’t want to completely cover the foam in paint or you wont see the lights shine through. Now repeat for the green lights except don’t cut the foam on the top. You want it to look like it’s boiling over. I attached the green foam to the top of the cauldron with a glue gun (not really secure but holds it in place enough so it wont get knocked off). If you are braver than I am, use small screws to attach the board to the top of the cauldron. Set your cauldron on top of the orange foam and plug them in! Voila! There you have it…a witches cauldron!  Easy and amazing!




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