Autism Car Decal

Getting in a car accident with my daughter in the car is one of my biggest fears. What if I’m knocked unconscious in the accident? Whose going to tell anyone responding that she is autistic and non verbal? What if she gets out of the car? She doesn’t understand danger. She can’t tell a police officer, fireman or paramedic who she is and if she’s hurt. I started researching accidents and ASD children and found the Big Red Safety Box (a previous blog post) and this decal on Teespring. I immediately ordered both and put them on my vehicle as soon as they came in. Now I have a sense of peace when I drive with Sissy in the car knowing police, fire or EMS will know how to handle my daughter. I only hope they continue educating our emergency services how to handle children with autism in emergency situations.



Autism Car Decal

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