Prettify your party – Cello Bags and Tags

For me, presentation is everything! With cello bags, tags and ribbon, you can make your cookies look fabulous. You can purchase cello bags in all sizes and shapes at your local craft store or at my favorite online store Country Kitchen SweetartCheck out their website! They are a one stop shop for all your baking needs. For the tags, all you need is a 2″ circle punch, a standard whole punch, and a 2″ cupcake topper printable. I purchased a Fiskars thick material circle punch a few months ago and I love it. It is pricey but it is more durable than the regular circle punch. There are hundreds of free cupcake topper printables online for personal use-Google it! Before I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, I frequented the Catch My Party website for inspiration and links to free printables. As for the ribbon, you can buy it anywhere. Just make sure you get ribbon smaller than the whole punch. 🙂 Cut the ribbon about 4″ and tie the ribbon tightly around the bag first so it seals the bag. Then tie the tag on the bag. Now your cookies have been prettified! I did these yesterday for a teacher’s luncheon at Bubby’s school.

Now aren’t they cute! The best part of cello bags is if someone doesn’t want to eat the cookie at the time of the party, they can take it home with them for later. Or snag a few extra! 🙂 Now go prettify your party!



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