Is it Christmas yet?

I couldn’t wait to get started on the six wreaths for our new home this year. Yes six, crazy right? You only have a first Christmas once, so I’m going all out! With traditional red and lime green, I am made these whimsical wreaths to make our sparkle! The first wreath is about 30″ and will adorn our front door. I love the solid, premium striped decomesh I found on the Craft Outlet‘s website. It’s pricier but worth every penny. With three different ribbons in red and lime green, I simply weaved them in and out of the decomesh and made a gorgeous bow with streamers for accent. I added some glitter ornaments and glitter sprays to make it sparkle! Last but not least, I added two Raz Christmas elves I found on Amazon. They are so quirky and I love them!

The second wreath is about 20″ and it will go on the three windows on our front porch. Just a smaller version of the larger wreath minus the elves.


The last wreath is a bit different. I used solid, premium red decomesh and added 10″ decomesh curls in lime green and white. I cut two different ribbons in 14″ pieces and added them throughout the wreath to add fullness. I added glitter balls again to add some sparkle! These are going on my new craft room doors to make it festive while I work.



I am so excited and cannot wait to put these beauties up in our new home.  Let me know what you think!




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