Piggy Paint! 🐷 

I’ve been dreaming of painting Sissy’s pretty nails for a long time. Today our line therapist (ABA) surprised us with Piggy Paint. It’s a non toxic, low odor, fast drying polish for kids with the tiniest brush so it is easily applied to children’s nails. Even though I was hesitant and ready for a meltdown, I decided today was the day. To make a long story short, today was the first day she let me paint her nails! 💅🏻 😍. She loved it and I am relieved this new experience went so well!

When I try something new with Sissy, I always follow a few but simple guidelines. Here are some ideas you can put in place to make the transition to new things easier for your child to handle. First, eliminate the unknowns. You can reduce the stress of a new experience by making it as familiar and consistent as possible. Next, make sure you keep stress, pressure and excitement low. There can be a lot of expectations and emotions surrounding a new experience, which add to the tension levels and make it harder to cope with. Go Slow! Ease into the new experience as much as you can, to help close the gap between the familiar and the unknown. Approach the new experience in stages so you have time to watch your child’s reaction. Watch for signs of discomfort or fear in your child. Be ready to step in before the point of overload. Finally, Follow up! New experiences are exhausting, so leave some time between the experience and talking about it.

One success breeds another!



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