Toys to expand speech development

I am always looking for ways to encourage Sissy to talk at home. The best way I have found is through toys! While playing with toys, speech is easily encouraged. For example, we were playing with her toy barn and farm animals yesterday and I asked Sissy to name the animals before I put them in the barn. Worked like a charm as I was able to hear her sweet voice say cow, pig, chicken, and horse. Then we worked on positioning. I asked her where she wanted her cow…in, on top, out, behind, in front. Using toys makes it a joy for Sissy to talk and gives me a specific subject to focus on. But what toys are best for children with autism to encourage them to talk?

I found a great article a few months back titled 25+ Best Gifts To Expand Your Child’s Speech Development Birth to Five on Playing With Words 365 website. The author is a speech and language pathologist who recommended specific toys to help other SLP expand speech and language development in young children. Much to my surprise, Sissy has all the toys suggested on this list. I can say as a parent with a non verbal child, these toys do encourage speech development. However, it takes time, patience and dedication!



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