Kids Snack – Ham and Cheese Sliders

My parents were season ticket holders for the University of Florida football team for more than twenty years. Goooooo Gators! My Mom would always buy delicious tailgating food. One of my favorites was the ham and cheese sandwiches from a local deli we ate for breakfast. It took me years to replicate those delicious sandwiches but I finally got it! My kids love them so I decided to share it as a kids snack!


  • 1 Hawaiian Sweet Roll
  • 1/2 slice American Cheese
  • 2 slices Sweet Honey Ham, sliced thin (Publix brand is the best but Boars Head is good)
  • Golden Mustard


Slice the roll in half and put a dollop of mustard, cheese, then fold the ham to fit on on the roll. Wrap each slider in a paper towel and heat for 15 – 20 seconds in the microwave or until cheese is slightly melted. 

Easy snack and the kids love them! Enjoy!



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