Memory Board

A memory board is a pretty place for photos, cards and mementos. If you can sew a button and use a staple gun, you can make this easy memory board. To make your memory board special, select fabric, ribbons and buttons to match your child’s room or favorite cartoon character.


  • 16 X 20 inch Stretched Artist’s Canvas
  • 2/3 yard Cotton Fabric
  • 2/3 yard Polyester Batting
  • Ribbon
  • 9 Flat Buttons
  • Heavy-duty Upholstery Thread
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Staple Gun
  • 16 X 20 inch Open Back Frame
  • 8 1/8″ Ook Metal Offset Clips


First, Cut one 20 X 24 inch piece of your fabric and press with the hottest setting on your iron using spray starch. Next, cut one 16 X 20 inch piece of polyester batting. Place the fabric over the canvas and batting and carefully flip over to the back side of the canvas. Make sure the batting doesn’t move when you flip it. Using your staple gun, begin stapling the fabric to the underside of the artist’s canvas. Pulling the fabric taut but not tight staple all four sides at the center. Work toward the corners stapling every inch. Carefully fold the fabric around each corner mitering fabric to fit and staple to secure.

Now for the ribbon. Start by stapling one strip of ribbon diagonally from corner to corner, staple at one end and pull the ribbon and staple at the opposite end. Repeat with a second piece of ribbon making a large X. Add four more pieces of ribbon running them parallel to the first ribbons. This will create the criss-cross pattern. Staple each ribbon to the edge of the back side of the canvas. Now attach your buttons where the ribbons intersect through the back side of the canvas. Pull the thread taut but be careful! If you pull it too hard, it will go through the canvas. Make sure you tie the thread tightly so the buttons stay in place. Now attach your memory board to the open back frame using the offset clips at each corner and the center of each side. And VOILA! You have a gorgeous place to display your child’s favorite photos or mementos!

Just a couple of notes I’ll leave you with! I pushed another needle from the top side through the canvas to help guide me where to push the needle through from the bottom. I used sheer ribbon so when you put pictures or mementos on the memory board, you can still see them clearly, but that’s my preference. You should buy at least 9 feet of ribbon to make sure you have enough. I ripped a few pieces attaching it with the staple gun. You can also use foam core instead of a canvas if you don’t have a staple gun. I tried both ways and I prefer the canvas because it is much sturdier and easier to thread the needle. Make sure you purchase buttons wider than the ribbon for extra support. I cut the excess fabric and ribbon on the back for a cleaner look. The open back frame I purchased from Hobby Lobby and spray painted to match my color scheme. For my fabric, I cut a new bed sheet that matched my daughter’s bedspread.

Let me know how your memory board turns out!




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