Will Sissy tolerate it?

Too often, we don’t participate in special events because we are concerned Sissy will not be able to tolerate it. Go ahead and go to the neighbor’s baseball game. Say “YES” to the birthday party invite or shopping trip with friends. Don’t be so quick to say no because your child with ASD may surprise you. This past weekend proved we have to try to continue to push Sissy into new environments and social events.

My family and I went to an arcade and bowling for my son’s 13th Birthday!  The first question I repeated to myself was “Will Sissy tolerate it?” I was prepared with the iPad, multiple snacks and a fast exit strategy if Sissy was overwhelmed. She shocked us all! She loved the arcade!  She loved the lights, the sounds, the different games and even participated. She rolled the balls up the skeeball game like a pro and made a great effort at air hockey with her Bubby. She even got in the full motion roller coaster ride with Bubby and loved it. Bowling was the next test of tolerance.

I thought for sure Sissy would be completely overwhelmed by bowling with the loud thumps on the lanes when the balls hit and the loud crashing when the pins fell. “Will Sissy tolerate it?” She was intently watching another young girl bowling and clearly wanted to try as she repeated “BALL” over and over again and jumped in excitement when the ball hit the pins. So, we decided to give it a shot! Again, she shocked us and clearly loved it! They had these amazing dragon shaped ramps for young kids to push the balls down the lanes. With the bumpers up and the ramp, she could go pro!

I learned something new about my sweet girl. Her tolerance was leaps and bounds above what I ever expected. I also learned something new about myself. My fear of the unknown is holding her back and I need to let go and live! So, if you’re afraid your ASD child will have a meltdown at the roller rink or birthday party, clear your mind and go for it! You both will be better for it.



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