Sing baby, I’m listening!

For the past couple of weeks, Sissy has been singing like a little mockingbird. The ABC song, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and the Sid the Science Kid song have been her recent favorites. She will be playing on her iPad listening to her nursery rhyme app and suddenly break into song. Inside I’m screaming with joy trying to contain my excitement basking in the joy of all that is her sweet little voice. Sing baby, I’m listening!!!!

Although sensory processing disorder sometimes makes it difficult for Sissy to tolerate my loud mouth singing around the house, I find her looking at me with her hands over her ears grinning from ear to ear. Most of the time she yells at me or tells me “mouth” which is a polite way to say “shut the hell up, Mom.” 🤣 How can something you love so much be so painful? Breaks my heart to see her uncomfortable, so most of the time I reserve my singing for the car or shower. Thankfully, her team of therapists have a plan to work toward Sissy’s ability to tolerate me breaking into song whenever the mood hits me. And that, my friends, is often. 

Her love of music and singing is inherited from a long line of extremely talented family members. I remember sitting at the piano with my grandfather singing gospel songs. Wow, is all I can say! When he sat down at the piano and began to sing, he filled the room with pure joy. I miss him dearly and someday hope to share the same memories with my sweet girl. I pray it’s soon because music brings so much joy at a time in my life when Sissy’s future is unknown. Until then, I’ll stick to singing Hallelujah in the car and stalking her when she sings her nursery rhymes. Sing baby, I’m listening!!!!



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