Sissy’s Curious George 6th Birthday

Sissy loves Curious George! So what better way to celebrate her birthday. We did it George style. I started by purchasing a set of graphics and background paper on ETSY. I used Adobe Illustrator to make the invite, banner, cupcake wrappers, and George accents galore.

IMG_0162 (3)IMG_0173IMG_0172IMG_0159

Her invite can out perfect using Adobe Illustrator.


I thought it was a cute touch to add George’s face to the brown tissue paper poms.

IMG_0160 (2)

I made the A sign with a hot glue gun and a ton of buttons. I just layered them using hot glue until I had the perfect A. I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest for a chalkboard invitation and decided to do a birthday sign with all her favorite things.

IMG_0169 (2)

Of course I had to do a brag board with pictures of Sissy over the past year. I painted a canvas board with stripes and used Adobe Illustrator to frame and print her beautiful pictures.

IMG_0170 (2)

For the sweet stuff, I made banana shaped sugar cookies and covered them in yellow icing and painted them with edible ink to look like bananas. I love how the food signs came out. I bought cheap frames, painted them white and added ribbon around the edges. The cupcakes were red velvet with cream cheese buttercream icing. YUMMY! I wrapped them in cupcake wrappers and topped them with George, of course.


I asked a dear friend to make her cake and cake pops this year to save some time. They came out amazing! It was a vanilla cake covered in vanilla fondant. The cake pops were vanilla cake covered in colored, vanilla candy coating.

IMG_0167 (2)IMG_0166 (2)

Every year I try to outdo the previous birthday. I think it was a success and we had tons of fun monkeying around! And my sweet girl loved all things George!




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