I made an Autism Acceptance wreath live on my Facebook page this week. I wanted autism families to be able to make their own wreath to proudly hang on their front door.

It is a simple video that is easy to follow and anyone can make this wreath. Seriously!

All proceeds go to the local middle school autism program. Here is a little bit about the classroom my son was in for three years. It was his safe haven!

The classroom provides social, emotional and academic support for middle school kids on the spectrum. They teach a social thinking class to help the kids learn how to manage anxiety, accept change, initiate and join conversations, and how to ask for help. They learn IF and THEN statements teaching strategies that can transfer to different settings. They learn how to work in pairs and build friendships. Most importantly, they learn how to advocate for themselves. 

What a blessing Stacey Hunter is for Rawlinson Road Middle School here in our town!

Here is a time-lapse video of the Facebook live. Click the button below if you have Facebook and want to watch the entire video.

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